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FY2018 H1Bs by the Numbers

This year, while the H-1B cap was reached within the first week of filing, the numbers show a dramatic decrease in overall petitions filed. This year 199,000 H1B petitions were filed, which represents a decrease of15.7% from the petitions filed last year. In the short term, this may be good news for those clients that filed H1B petitions, as the odds of selection for the limited number of H-1Bs is better than last year. However, this reduction may also point to negative factors in our economy such as that other countries are pulling highly skilled workers that would otherwise work in the US, or that companies are so frustrated with the H-1B program and the overall uncertainty of immigration under President Trump that they have foregone this opportunity to hire an H-1B.  This attorney sadly has heard too many employers articulate the second.  Uncertainty is not good for any element of our economy.  If President Trump truly wishes to help US businesses, he should direct more certainty into the H-1B program, and not less.

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