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Family-Based Immigration

Family-based immigration of parents, children, and spouses of US Citizens. Immigration of relatives including siblings or adult children. Greencards for family members of US citizens.

Individual & Family Immigration

The U.S. Immigration law has a complicated system which determines which relation of relative can provide benefits to another.

Who is Eligible?

Those deemed of the highest priority are:

  • parents of US citizens
  • children under 21 of US citizens
  • spouses of US citizens.

These relations are considered “immediate relatives”. Other than these select classes that qualify for “immediate relative” status, there are several other qualifying relationships that can allow a US citizen or green card holder to apply for their family members. These include categories for married sons and daughters of U.S. Citizens, and brothers and sisters of adult US citizens, among others.

About the Process:

For those select classes able to qualify as “Immediate Relatives” there is never a shortage of available immigrant visa numbers (i.e. green cards) nor are there added delays in the process other than the regular time it takes for the case to process through the government offices.

Nonetheless, despite the sometimes fast processing timelines, there can often be important considerations such as work permission and travel restrictions that an experienced immigration attorney can discuss with you before you file such a petition for an immediate relative. Further, as filing fees increase, immigration filing locations change and form editions are updated quickly, it’s easy to miss a detail that could delay your case. We are happy to take ensure these details are not overlooked so you don’t have to worry.

Petitions based on less “immediate” relationships can result in sometimes lengthy delays waiting for their turn in the queue of limited immigrant visa (green card) numbers. Due to these sometimes lengthy delays, it is very important to consult with an experienced immigration attorney to understand the potential advantages as well as the disadvantages and potential risks associated with filing family-based petitions.

Take the Next Step:

At the Boston immigration law Office of Adrienne J. Vaughan, we realize that filing a petition for your relative is an extremely personal and emotional issue. Founding Immigration Attorney Adrienne J. Vaughan has over fifteen years of experience in advising on family-based petitions. She has represented numerous family-based cases at hearings before the US Immigration Service (USCIS) district offices in New England, and has assisted many others whose relatives were overseas and processed through the US Consulates in their home countries.  

At the Law Office of Adrienne J. Vaughan, we treat your case for your relative with the utmost importance and give it the attention and time with a skilled professional that it deserves.

We anticipate that you will have numerous questions along the way and welcome you to ask them all so that you feel confident in the process. No case is too small to merit our undivided attention to your particular petition for a family member.

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