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Business Immigration

Smart immigration solutions for businesses including: Temporary Work Visas, Student Visas, Travel Visas, or Support offering an employee Permanent Residency or a Green Card.

Business Immigration

We'll work with you to recruit, retain, and support the right employees for your business. Please first tell us how we can help. What are you looking for?

Temporary Visa

Legal immigration to The United States for a limited period of time for reasons such as:

  • working for a US business, hospital, university, or church,
  • studying at an approved educational institution
  • investing in a US Business
  • receiving training
  • And many more situations, this list is not an exclusive list.

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Permanent Visa

There are several methods in which an individual can work to obtain a green card (LPR status) in the United States. In most cases a U.S. employer offers a full-time, permanent job offer and acts as the sponsor for an employee's green card. It's also possible for individuals to sponsor their own green card if that person has extraordinary ability or can apply for a national interest waiver. 

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I Don't Know Which!

We can examine your specific situation (or that of your potential employee, friend or relative) and provide a comprehensive analysis of the options available. We can advise you on a realistic timeline and a fair statement of costs. We'll be with you every step of the application process. 

Take the Next Step

Boston immigration lawyer Adrienne J. Vaughan realizes that selecting and obtaining the best immigrant visa status is an extremely complex process that involves weighing many individualized factors. It is also a very discretionary process in which the immigration attorney’s experience with similar cases is crucial.

Attorney Adrienne J. Vaughan has over fifteen years analyzing individual qualifications to select the best green card category with the highest chances of success. We realize that your time and money invested in the process are both valuable and limited. In light of this, we anticipate that you will have numerous questions along the way and welcome you to ask them all so that you feel confident in the process. No individual is too small or company too large to merit our undivided attention to your particular immigrant visa situation.

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